The Dream Maker CPA Network

Hello everyone!

Let’s Realize Your Dreams!

Many of you have been promoting our dating offers for several years now (and we thank you for that!). Whether on revshare or on CPL, our dating offers have become, over the years, as reference offers on the market. Until now, our revshare affiliates have had the MeetAffiliate platform at their disposal. Due to the market trend towards CPL model, we are pleased to announce the launch of our CPA Network: (aka RYD)

Another CPA Network?

How come?

Creating a CPA Network seemed to us the most obvious solution due to increasing demands from affiliates - for even more offers and even more geos - and from advertisers - to send them more quality traffic.

RYD exclusive offers

RYD offers you, under a unique brand name, direct access to all our in-house offers as well as a selection of the best and most relevant external offers, whether they are exclusive or not! One thing is certain: these offers are a key to making your dreams come true!

RYD advantages

As an affiliate on RYD, you will not be drowned in a flood of offers to the point of not knowing which one to promote. As an advertiser on RYD, your offers will really be visible to our affiliates and you will receive qualified and identified traffic!

Join our CPA Network and make your dreams come true!
By clicking on this button, your dreams may become true

Some of our in-house offers !

Discover our offers!

Over the years, our in-house offers have become a reference on the market! Have a look and start promoting them on your traffic! You won't be disappointed!

Join our CPA Network and make your dreams come true!
By clicking on this button, your dreams may become true

Why join RYD?

You need good reasons? Here they are:

Let's be clear, RYD does not have the ambition to become “The one and only CPA Network reference” on the market... But it has another ambition: to offer our historical partners more comfort on a daily basis but also to open up to new partnerships.

The vision that we defend with RYD is of a long-term, transparent and balanced collaboration. A partnership whose objective is to help you reach your goals, to make your dreams come true, whatever they may be.

As each partner is important, as we must be able to devote time to them, we won’t go chasing thousands of new partners. We make an important selection to choose our partners and create a long-term collaboration.

Join our CPA Network and make your dreams come true!

Benefits of working with RYD

We truly respect the word "partnership"!

RYD wants to be close to its affiliates as well as to its advertisers, so that a real relationship and a true partnership can be established between you and us and ensure our common success!

For RYD affiliates

  • A true and available account manager (yes, really!)
  • A transparent and direct access to selected offers.
  • The guarantee to benefit from the best payouts.
  • Access to valuable information on offers.

For RYD advertisers

  • A true and available account manager (yes yes, for you too!)
  • Total control of budgets and performance.
  • Fraud strongly limited by a rigorous selection of affiliates.
  • An enhancement of your offer.

The RYD platform is born,
it's waiting for you!

Don't hesitate, come and talk to us about your dreams and make them come true!